Monday, 18 April 2011

All Packed

Houston, TX
Last minute fixes at the lake house did not happen today and must get done by tomorrow before I leave for Atyrau, Kazakhstan.  So it looks like I will have to drive to the lake house early am to let the contractors in and be done by 11am.

Scott's assistant called to let me know that a Limo is picking me up at 2pm tomorrow.  Nice! I am all packed and ready, of course.

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Adventures to Eurasia - Delayed

Houston, TX
My orientation trip to Eurasia is delayed for a few days.  I needed my passport to travel to Calgary and was told that I could apply for the 24 hr-Russian visa upon my return to Houston.  Well, the Russian officials changed their minds; no more 24 hr application and approval!  So Scott had to fly out without me.

I am meeting Scott during his next stop in Atyrau, Kazakhstan on Wednesday.  It sucks that I will  have to go through Amsterdam and wait around for 4 hrs!  I don't like Amsterdam.  The last time I was in Amsterdam airport (which was 22ish years ago), I had my camera stolen.  Dutch thieves watch out!  I'm back; older and meaner!

In the mean time, work continues at the lake house.  I painted today and I will likely clean and organize tomorrow.  We are still waiting for the kitchen cabinets which are expected to be installed when Scott and I are back on May 1.  We should be totally moved in during the second week of May.  Can't wait!!!